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Meet the Team



Miriam Jochnowitz

Educational Director

Miriam has been an educator for over 30 years. She has experience in the full range of preschool positions.

Miriam is passionate about helping children develop social and emotional intelligence and problem solving skills. Miriam is trained in Montessori education and in developmental psychology. 

Through conversation and open-ended questions, Miriam is deeply committed to helping children learn how to investigate their world, find solutions to their problems, and express their thoughts and ideas in positive and creative ways. 


Perry Wolff


Perry Wolff has been an educator for nearly 20 years. Yet even prior to receiving her teaching degree in Israel, she spent time in educational positions directing summer camps and teaching in Sunday Schools. She has held teaching positions in Jewish day schools nationwide.
More than her administrative duties at The Gan, she most enjoys her time in the classroom and loves engaging the little preschoolers in thought-provoking conversations.
When she isn’t having fun with the kids at The Gan, she is home enjoying her own six children. 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Lead and Assistant Teachers

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